A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Welcome to your new job at Taco Cat's Mextaurant!

Taco Cat's Mextaurant is a family-friendly restaurant with authentic Mexican food and a child-friendly atmosphere. Children and adults alike can enjoy delicious food and the presence of our two lovable mascots, Taco Bunny and Taco Cat.

Due to animal rights concerns, Taco Bunny and Taco Cat are allowed to roam the restaurant at night. Your job is to use the security cameras and various tools in your office to ensure nothing goes wrong. The facility comes with state-of-the-art electrified doors to ensure you will be safe. Due to some bugs with the electrical system, though, you're going to have to use as little power as possible.

Taco Cat's Mextaurant is not responsible for any death or dismemberment that may occur.

This game is best played at fairly high volume, as there is a voiceover tutorial and audio hints as to what is happening.

Install instructions

Download the appropriate file for your OS, .app for mac and .exe for PC. Double click the icon to play. Enjoy!

*Note: it is an asset-rich game, so the download is fairly large and may take a while to download


Five Nights at Taco Cats.app.zip 79 MB
Five Nights at Taco Cats.exe 94 MB


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the game doesnt load for me plz fix i really want to play

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